ASDO Steel Tension Members

Anker Schroeder manufacture upset forged large diameter tension members for the construction, heavy machinery and heavy lifting industries.


Anchors for Geotechnics

High strength ASDO bars are used to form Micro-piles and tension piles. Large diameter bars can be used to construct anchors with very high load capacities.


Structural Tie Bars

A complete range of standard architectural tie bars M12 to M160 for use in all structures where high tensile loads have to be safely transmitted.


Heavy Machinery Parts

Efficient design and manufacture of piston rod blanks, flange shafts, tie bars and holding down bolts are all possible upset forging high strength steel.

ASDO tie bars, tension rods and shackles are used the world over for waterfront structures, marine structures, civil engineering, retaining structures, structural engineering, bridge construction, heavy machinery and lifting

  • Tie Rods for Marine Structures

    We supply anchor tie bars for marine structures such as quay walls, berths and crane runways. Our marine tie bars range in diameter from M64 to M170. Tie bars / deadman anchors are supplied with a range of end fixings including upset ends, forged eyes, spherical ends and articulated joints.

    Our sales team can help you achieve efficient design using our tie bars in your structure, we are happy to help during design or construction phase. Contact us for more information on our tie bars, walings, accessories and bollards. You can also download the new comprehensive Anker Schroeder tie bar brochure for port and harbour.
  • Heavy Duty Shackles for Lifting and Long Term Mooring

    For lifting heavy loads and anchoring, shackles made by Anker Schroeder have a proven track record. We manufacture large shackles with a WLL of 85t to 1500t in individual sizes and steel grades, custom sizes can be made. Click here for more information.
  • Tie Bar / Tie Rod Systems for Structural Engineering and Bridge Building

    Anker Schroeder have been successfully supplying structural tie bars since 1920 for use in tension structures, architectural bracing and facades as well as in bowstring trusses, bridges and timber structures. We can offer expert advice for the use of tie bars in simple or technically demanding structures. ASDO tension bars can be supplied in diameters from M12 to M160 diameter and can safely transmit forces up to 9568 kN. ASDO tie bars have been used on projects the world over such as the New York Times Building (New York), Shoreditch Bridge (London), Cannon Place (London). Click here for more information

    Our sales team can help you achieve efficient design using our tie bars in your structure, we are happy to help during design or construction phase. Contact us for more information on our tie bars or click here to download the ASDO Structural tension bar brochure.
  • Heavy Machinery Tie Bars

    Many industrial process use heavy machinery such as hydraulic presses which require heavy tie rods, hydraulic piston rods, piston rod blanks or long threaded tie bars. Anker Schroeder can supply tie bars for heavy machines ranging in diameter from 40mm to 420mm and with a range of end conditions such as forged eyes or spherical ends. Our heavy machinery customers build on our decades of experience in all areas of heavy and anchoring thread technology. Click here for more information


Dublin Port

ASDO have supplied 160 tonnes of upset forged tie rods, M140/115 and M120/115. ASDO460 which were up to 29m long with full articulation at connections to piles and…

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Bicycle bridge at Tessenderlo, Belgium

Archiects Zwarts & Jansma’s design for the bicycle bridge at Tessenderlo has created an elegant bridge that is instantly recognisable.

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Our name has represented reliability and safety in the technique of heavy anchoring and tie bar production since 1920.

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