100 years of Anker Schroeder 1970-1979

Buy this decade, even without “globalization”, Anker Schroeder were communicating with customers all over the world via telephone and telex machines (remember them!), there were no fax machines and affordable desktop computers were not yet available, so email was a distance dream and punched tapes were the equivalent memory sticks!
But ASDO tie rods were successfully exported to all countries of the world, primarily for anchoring sheet piles in port and harbour structures. The Dutch market was particularly strong, forged by a contractual partnership with sheet pile manufacturer (Peine-Salzgitter).
Large offshore and mooring shackles for oil platforms, with a safe working load of 600 tons, were also developed and forged under the highest safety requirements.
The previously traditional 2-day company excursions took the workforce to Hamburg, Heligoland, Bremen or to the Rhine and the Moselle, for example, in order to show all employees firsthand port facilities, bridges and stadia under construction how important the anchor elements produced by ASDO were. In this way, not only knowledge and pride grew, but also the sense of responsibility of all employees.