• Anniversary 100 Years of Anker Schroeder

    The first decade of the first century:

    In 1920 a young engineer called Julius Schroeder formed a new company in Dortmund called "Maschinenfabrik

    Julius Schroeder G.m.b.H."supported by his brother Paul, a successful steel merchant. Julius Schroeder had previously worked at the Dortmunder Union steel mill and had helped develop the innovative Larssen steel sheet pile profiles (the first steel sheet piles rolled in one piece with an interlock). With the knowledge gained he set about his dream of running his own manufacturing company and in 1921, acquired the production plant for the manufacture of glass blowing machines from the company "Klempt" in Dortmund-Brackel. Julius quickly adapted the machines to the production and repair of buffers and springs for the Reichsbahn (German State Railway) and then expanded to supplying picking irons for the mining industry. From 1924, the factory then specialized in the manufacture of heavy turnbuckles for 'ankers' which became the beginnings of Anker Schroeder as we know it today.

    in 1930 the global economic crisis proved tough for Julius and Paul and Paul Schroeder decided to resign and pursue other activities. Julius Schroeder persevered and in order to save the company from bankruptcy converted the limited company into a partnership therefore becoming personally liable for any debts. Over the next decade the company was gradually turned around with the dedication of Julius Schroeder.

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    Mr. Jean-François Garcia joined the team, and now works in the French-speaking market.

    Jean Francois has over 20 years of experience in the marine sector working with construction products in many countries and will focus his efforts with Anker Schroeder in the French Territories.

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  • CAD Integration in AVEVA bocad and Tekla

    To offer fast detailing and modelling the ASDO tie-rod-system has been integrated in the BIM (building information modeling) software AVEVA bocad and Tekla (including Stru). The free Add-ons allows simple configuration and insertion of ASDO tie-rod-systems and compression-rod systems directly into your model. The required ASDO connection plates can also be configured via corresponding forms.

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