• ASDO Technical note - Threads

    Many consider that the screw thread was invented in about 400BC by Archytas of Tarentum, a contemporary of Plato. They were then famously put to good use by Archimedes proving a ‘turning point’ in mechanics (apologies for the pun).

    We don’t know much about ancient history at ASDO but we do know our threads, particularly large diameter Metric threads on steel tie rods.

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  • ASDO Diaphragm Wall inserts

    6 weeks ago we were contacted by a customer to see if we could urgently supply anchor connections for a diaphragm wall within 5 weeks for a major project in Morocco.

    5 weeks later we have loaded the first lorries bound for site!

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  • 100 years of Anker Schroeder 1990-1999

    Built with ASDO wind bracing rods and turnbuckles, the gigantic Cargolifter-hall in Brand near Berlin was originally planned as an airship yard.

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  • 100 years of Anker Schroeder 1980-1989

    Jürgen Schroeder gladly accepted the invitation of the Turkish President to the inauguration of the II Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul, for which Anker Schroeder supplied 600 pieces of 20 m long round steel anchors with M 120 threads.

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  • Vaccination against COVID-19

    After patiently waiting, it was finally possible for many employees and also some relatives to be vaccinated against COVID-19 at Anker Schroeder.

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  • ASDO Technical note - Castings

    Castings are a good way of producing aesthetic shapes for tie rod terminations enabling loads to be transferred safely to the host structure.

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  • 100 years of Anker Schroeder 1970-1979

    Buy this decade, even without “globalization”, Anker Schroeder were communicating with customers all over the world via telephone and telex machines (remember them!), there were no fax machines and affordable desktop computers were not yet available, so email was a distance dream and punched tapes were the equivalent memory sticks!
    But ASDO tie rods were successfully exported to all countries of the world...

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  • 100 years of Anker Schroeder, cont'd 1960 - 1969

    The sixties saw a huge boom in the export of tie rod anchors to the oil states for the 100's of port facilities built for the export of petroleum.
    Anker Schroeder supplied many of these projects ...

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  • Tie rods for Dublin Port

    A special Irish project for St Patricks day

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  • Full scale tie rod testing by Anker Schroeder

    The images below show some recent full tests on tie rods as part of our ongoing quality testing and development by our Technical Director Axel Hagemann.

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  • Level 2 NDT welding inspectors certified to EN 473

    10 Years at Anker Schroeder

    Congratulations to Alexander Tschersich for being with us for 10 years!

    Alex successfully completed his metal workers apprenticeship with Anker Schroeder and then progressed to complete his Master Craftsman certificate at IHK Nord Westfalen in Dortmund.

    He is now one of our Level 2 NDT welding inspectors certified to EN 473 and deputy foreman of the welding shop.

    Thanks Alex and keep up the good work!


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  • ASDO Forgings

    This is Reimund Schroeder - our forge master for more than 45 years - and his new shackle buddy.

    It needs experience, passion and a dedicated team to forge a bow from 200mm diameter steel.

    A shackle larger than his master! Nice work Reimund!


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  • ASDO History 1950 - 1959

    "Shipping with e-mobile already in the fifties"

    After the Deutsche Mark reform of 1948, the economy improved and in 1950 construction of the Dortmund exhibition arena "Westfalenhalle" began. Local steel companies Klönne, JUCHO, Dörnen & Union Brückenbau formed a JV to build the huge arena with column free design allowing all 14,000 spectators the best view.


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  • 10 Year Celebrations

    Eight of our colleagues celebrated their 10th anniversary at Anker Schroeder!
    Well done to all and we look forward to many more years working together.

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  • Karl-Heinz Bolte - 40 years of reliable and valued effort

    This is Karl-Heinz Bolte our recently retired Senior Welder at ASDO. Today Daniel & Dirk Schroeder expressed their gratitude for 40 years of reliable and valued effort by presenting Karl-Heinz with a small gift.

    Karl-Heinz joined the ASDO team in 1980 as a young welder and continued to improve his technique and skills gaining certification in different steel grades & thicknesses, becoming one of most experienced welders at ASDO.


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  • Anniversary 100 Years of Anker Schroeder (1940-1949)

    During WW2 the production of anchor bolts was able to continue at Anker Schroeder thanks to the talented and stoic women of Dortmund. From 1945 onwards, the partly destroyed factory was rebuilt with initial production consisting of urgently needed household items such as candle holders and oil mills.

    From 1949 crankshafts for looms were also produced and it was only after this that Maschinenfabrik Julius Schroeder again specialised in heavy anchoring with extra-long round steel anchors for coke ovens becoming the main product.

    In 1948 Ernst Schroeder was joined by his younger brother Jürgen, who had now completed his engineering study, and the brothers set about re-building the company that their father had started.

    Jürgen Schroeder proved to be an inventive engineer designing several bespoke machines which greatly improved production possibilities and efficiency, allowing the company once again to lead with the motto of "taming tensile forces".

    The two brothers worked tirelessly to establish a dedicated team of skilled employees enabling Anker Schroeder to meet the challenges of the next decade and playing a small part in the rebuilding of a united Europe.


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  • ASDO remains fully operational to service your needs!

    These difficult Covid19 times have required us to adjust our operations in order to continue servicing our customers while keeping our colleagues safe.





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  • 100 years of Anker Schroeder (1930-1939)

    Julius Schroeder continued to expand Gebrüder Schroeder producing anchors, tie rods, heavy screws and 'Verbesserte Spannschlösser' (improved turnbuckles). Investment was made into forging methods and plant allowing customer and market requirements to be met.

    The supply of anchors and accessories for the hydraulic steel structure market became increasingly important and the company was successful in supplying to the port of Helgoland and boat lifts in Rothensee and Niederfinow.

    Tragedy struck in the autumn of 1938 when the charismatic Julius died suddenly at the young age of 51. Shortly before his death Julius had stipulated that the company be sold immediately in the event of his death as he believed that, without his management, the company may not survive and he wished for his family to be supported by the proceeds.

    However, his eldest son Ernst Schroeder had recently completed his apprenticeship showing promise as a manager so the Schroeder family council decided that the company should be continued under his leadership. The 19-year-old Ernst accepted the challenge and became the general manager of the now 32 employee "Maschinenfabrik Julius Schroeder früher Gebrüder Schroeder".


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  • Congratulations to Stephan Lerche for obtaining his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

    Congratulations to Stephan Lerche for obtaining his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering awarded by Hochschule Bochum University of Applied Sciences in conjunction with FOM University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management in Essen.

    Stephan joined Anker Schroeder ASDO GmbH in 2010 as an apprentice welder completing a technical baccalaureate. His grades and commitment allowed him to progress further to study part time for a degree in mechanical engineering whilst continuing his in-house training at ASDO, during which time he became capable in all aspects of production at ASDO.

    But not content with 'just' a BSc Stephan embarked on the challenge of a MSc with the dissertation project of devising CAD/CAM modelling techniques for the stamping of brand images onto large forgings allowing Anker Schroeder to further develop products with minimal tooling and sample costs.

    Stephan's hard work has paid off and he was awarded a level '1' for his MSc, the highest band possible.

    Well done Stephan and we look forward to much more development!


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  • Anniversary 100 Years of Anker Schroeder

    The first decade of the first century:

    In 1920 a young engineer called Julius Schroeder formed a new company in Dortmund called "Maschinenfabrik

    Julius Schroeder G.m.b.H."supported by his brother Paul, a successful steel merchant. Julius Schroeder had previously worked at the Dortmunder Union steel mill and had helped develop the innovative Larssen steel sheet pile profiles (the first steel sheet piles rolled in one piece with an interlock). With the knowledge gained he set about his dream of running his own manufacturing company and in 1921, acquired the production plant for the manufacture of glass blowing machines from the company "Klempt" in Dortmund-Brackel. Julius quickly adapted the machines to the production and repair of buffers and springs for the Reichsbahn (German State Railway) and then expanded to supplying picking irons for the mining industry. From 1924, the factory then specialized in the manufacture of heavy turnbuckles for 'ankers' which became the beginnings of Anker Schroeder as we know it today.

    in 1930 the global economic crisis proved tough for Julius and Paul and Paul Schroeder decided to resign and pursue other activities. Julius Schroeder persevered and in order to save the company from bankruptcy converted the limited company into a partnership therefore becoming personally liable for any debts. Over the next decade the company was gradually turned around with the dedication of Julius Schroeder.

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    Mr. Jean-François Garcia joined the team, and now works in the French-speaking market.

    Jean Francois has over 20 years of experience in the marine sector working with construction products in many countries and will focus his efforts with Anker Schroeder in the French Territories.

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  • CAD Integration in AVEVA bocad and Tekla

    To offer fast detailing and modelling the ASDO tie-rod-system has been integrated in the BIM (building information modeling) software AVEVA bocad and Tekla (including Stru). The free Add-ons allows simple configuration and insertion of ASDO tie-rod-systems and compression-rod systems directly into your model. The required ASDO connection plates can also be configured via corresponding forms.

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