Tensile forces tamed by ASDO

This is the guiding principle by which the family business Anker Schroeder (based in Dortmund Germany) has been supplying structural steel tie rods under the ASDO brand since its founding in 1920 by the engineer Julius Schroeder. His sons Ernst and Jürgen Schroeder and since 1981 his grandson Dirk Schroeder continued the company and it is successfully managed by his great grandson Daniel since 2010 making 4 generations of Schroeder’s at the helm.

Anker Schroeder currently employ around 100 staff mostly based in Dortmund but also in the UK. Anker Schroeder specialise in the forging and machining of very long, high strength steel ‘ankers’ (German for anchors) which has proved key to making it the international success it is today. Its markets are spread across all continents, with an export ratio of over 75%. A commitment to continual investment in plant and training ensures that a skilled workforce is established for the future.

The main production facilities are based in Dortmund, Germany and cover 45,000m2 (485,000 sq.ft) with 14,000m2 (151,000 sq.ft) of fabrication facilities with dedicated rail sidings. Over 60 skilled people are directly employed producing anchorages, tie rods and tendons for heavy machinery, bridge building, port construction and the building industry. Typically over 4,500 tonnes of steel are kept in stock for immediate production.

Anker Schroeder have consistently invested in new equipment, techniques and facilities and in recent years over €8m of investment has been made to maintain their leadership in this sector including a 8m bed CNC machining centre, CNC turning lathes, a forging press, CAD work stations, production buildings and cranes.

Anker Schroeder are certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN1090-2 enabling all parts for construction use to be CE marked. Production facilities are regularly audited and qualified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance and hold approvals with Bureau Veritas, Germanischer Lloyd, American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyd’s Register and Det Norske Veritas.

Tie rods are used in structural engineering for bridges, stadia, port structures, heavy machinery and plant engineering. Wherever large tensile forces require restraint ASDO tie rods provide tailored ‘anker’ solutions for safe and reliable connecting elements.

Some of the largest port structures in the world have been constructed using large diameter tie rods manufactured in Dortmund including Le Havre, London Gateway, Accaba, Liverpool, Karachi and Haifa. Anker Schroeder worked closely with the engineer and contractors to ensure the correct solution for the large diameter ASDO tie rods were selected to anchor the quay walls. Anker Schroeder's intensive collaboration with specialist construction companies, sheet pile manufacturers and engineering firms has built an enviable reputation for quality and reliability around the world.

For bridge constructions, stadia and large span buildings ASDO tie rods are used as hangers, abutment anchors, wind bracings and ultra-large foundation bolts. Some of the world’s most distinctive buildings are anchored with ASDO tie rod systems, eg New York Times Tower, Cannon Place London & Etihad Stadium Manchester.

As well as tie rods for construction Anker Schroeder also produce piston rods and long turned parts with upset forged heads to hydraulic, mining and offshore OEM’s. The company's production of DIN-compliant or custom-made heavy duty shackles for load capacities ranging from 25 to 1,500 tonnes highlights the variety of its range.

"Through our specialisation in steel working and the flexibility of the company, Anker Schroeder has established itself as a leader on the international tie rod market."