100 years of Anker Schroeder, cont'd 1960 - 1969

The sixties saw a huge boom in the export of tie rod anchors to the oil states for the 100's of port facilities built for the export of petroleum.
Anker Schroeder supplied many of these projects including the Zayed Port in Abu Dhabi. At the same time heavy lifting and mooring shackles were developed for the offshore oil industry and Anchor Schroeder soon became a key supplier to the major petrochemical companies. The success meant that the facilities in the Dortmund suburb of Brackel was bursting at the seams so a new and larger production facility was needed.  The problem was solved by purchase of a bigger factory unit in the Dortmund suburb of Körne, which is still the home of Anker Schroeder today.
The new factory also came with a rail siding, a facility that facilitated more growth allowing deliveries of raw material direct from rolling mills and shipping direct to ports by rail. ASDO continue to use the sidings facility both for deliveries and despatches helping to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.