Anker Schroeder manufacture the ASDO structural tie bars for use on all types of structures, whether stadia, bridges or buildings. Our tie bars range in diameter from M12 to M160 and can be supplied in carbon steel grades 355-S & 540-S and stainless steel grade E600-S.

Key features

  • The ASDO system is the only tie-rod and compression-rod system that holds an ETA for nominal sizes up to M160
  • Fork connectors of cast steel in conjunction with high-strength tie-rod enable design resistance up to 9,568 kN
  • Uniform fork connector design for all nominal sizes
  • Identical system components and connection dimensions for carbon steel and stainless steel version
  • FEM-supported fork connector design with almost homogeneous tension distribution
  • Pin locking cap is flush with the fork connector contour
  • Single rod lengths up to 22m possible
  • Simple visual checking of minimum thread engagement

The ASDO system is manufactured under independently audited quality systems to ISO 9001 & EN1090 ensuring the requirements of the ETA and CE marking are met.

iso_9001-9d9eadbe.gif ce.png tuev_nord-57d3f292.gif z-144-439.gif

Structure Project References

Bicycle bridge at Tessenderlo, Belgium

Archiects Zwarts & Jansma’s design for the bicycle bridge at Tessenderlo has created an elegant bridge that is instantly recognisable.

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