Bicycle bridge at Tessenderlo, Belgium

Archiects Zwarts & Jansma’s design for the bicycle bridge at Tessenderlo has created an elegant bridge that is instantly recognisable. With its single arch along the middle axis of the bridge cyclists pass effortlessly on both side of the 20 metre high arch 140 metres from one side of the canal to the other.
The bridge is deceptive with its slim ASDO tie rods hanging from the slender arch supporting the deck effortlessly.

Anker Schroeder supplied 40 number ASDO540-S tie-rod system ranging from M52 to M85. All tie rod systems were hot-dip galvanized and painted according to customer specifications. Picture by THV Artes Roegiers Victor Buyck Steel Construction.

Year 2020


40 Sets ranging from

M52 to M85

Load Capacity 2,494kN
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