The components of our ASDO tie rod system are provided as dwg files and can be imported into many CAD systems.

To form a tie rod system the components can be arranged as needed. The only changes required are to centre discs and the length of the individual tie rods. Please consider the lengths and angles as mentioned in our ASDO tie bar brochure.

The compression rod system is not included in the downloadtable file but we will provide you with a dwg file when you state nominal size, working loads, system length (pin to pin) and the tube dimensions.

For questions and suggestions please contact: Carlo.Fritz@anker.de


Structure Project References

Be‘er Sheva University Bridge

ASDO tie rod systems are used as tension elements and as cross bracings for the Be’er Sheva bridge in the Hightech-Park in Gav Yam. 2017 the Be’er Sheva bridge won the…

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At a glance Operating instructions, declarations of performance and test certificates to download.

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