100 years of Anker Schroeder 1980-1989

In the 1980s, Jürgen Schroeder not only developed an effective conveyor system for overlong anchor rods in front of the press in order to be able to produce more economically, but also optimized a 1,800 t hydraulic press for heavy flange shafts and rotor shafts, such as those used in wind turbines.

He gladly accepted the invitation of the Turkish President to the inauguration of the II Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul, for which Anker Schroeder supplied 600 pieces of 20 m long round steel anchors with M 120 threads. A Japanese-Turkish-Italian working group together with a British engineering firm had decided on a technically sophisticated solution with bridge abutment anchorages from Dortmund. The bridge ropes were connected with 4 round steel anchor rods each over a 260 mm thick plate.


II Bosporus Brücke Istanbul.jpg


During this time, the third generation entered the saddle. Dirk Schroeder succeeded his father Ernst in the commercial management and Reiner Wagener subsequently replaced his father-in-law in the technical field. The first CNC machines ensured greater productivity and competitiveness in the production of rotor shafts for wind power plants.