Anchor tie bars

Deadmen anchors are generally only used in relatively good ground, either existing or made. Where less suitable ground is found anchorage is often provided by driving piles to a suitable depth to provide sufficient resisting force to the tie bar.

Anchor tie bars are generally ‘passive’ (ie not stressed) and transmit tensile loads from the retaining wall to the anchor thus providing restraint by reducing bending and restricting deflection of the wall.

Tie bars can be fabricated from any tensile strong material but are generally manufactured from round steel bar as this is an efficient tensile section and allows easy connections to be made via threaded or forged ends.

Loads are transferred from the front wall to the ‘anchor’ placed at sufficient distance from the front wall so that the resistance of the anchor is greater than the load in the tie bar .

Figure 1 - Typical section through sheet pile retaining wall.png

Figure 1 - Typical section through sheet pile retaining wall

Marine Project References

Dublin Port

ASDO have supplied 160 tonnes of upset forged tie rods, M140/115 and M120/115. ASDO460 which were up to 29m long with full articulation at connections to piles and…

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