Shackles for Heavy Lifting

ASDO Heavy lifting shackles with `orange & blue pin‘ are available for both industrial and offshore applications. The safety factor of ASDO shackles is fully assessed by in-house FEA and confirmed by physical testing during DNV Type approval process. ASDO Heavy Lifting Shackles generally comply or exceed design and testing requirements of ASME B30.26-1 and Federal Specification RR-C-271.

All ASDO Shackles used for lifting applications are marked with hard stamped batch code and serial ID as well as hot embossed markings WLL, ASDO symbol, steel grade and CE mark. Additional markings are applied as required by the additional certification scope.

Key features

  • Quenched and tempered steel Grade 8
  • Type approval by DNV (ST-0378, ST-0377)
  • Unique ID number
  • Anti-rotation pin
  • MBL Design factor 5 x WLL
  • Each shackle is supplied with
    • 100% Proof load test to 2 x WLL
    • 100% UT of raw material
    • 3.1 Material Certificate EN 10204
    • EU Declaration of Conformity CE
    • Painted finish
  • By request the following can be supplied
    • DNV product certificate for loose gear (CG3)
    • Witnessed Proof Load test Certificate
    • 100% MPI and UT test Certificate
    • Certificate of conformity UKCA
    • Special dimension and tolerances

Type Approved Product

The ASDO standard range of shackles from 85t to 1500t WLL includes Heavy Duty (HD), Heavy Polar (HP) and Heavy Super (HS) shackles.

ASDO Heavy Polar (HP) Shackles are designed for use in low temperature conditions. ASDO Heavy Super (HS) Shackles are made of higher strength material and are well suited for use where higher loads are required with reduced dimensions and weight.

Dimensions and capacity

ASDO capabilities allow for small increments of sizes and tolerances, best material utilisation and minimal waste for any custom-designed shackle.

No limitations on batch size of customised shackles: ranging from a few to many hundred pieces within the shortest time frame.

Marine Project References

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At a glance Operating instructions, declarations of performance and test certificates to download.

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