100 years of Anker Schroeder 1990-1999

Cargolifter Werfthalle 1999-2000.jpg

Built with ASDO wind bracing rods and turnbuckles, the gigantic Cargolifter-hall in Brand near Berlin was originally planned as an airship yard. With its unusual large dimensions of 360 m length, 210 m width and 107 m height, it is the largest self-supporting hall of the world. Only after the economic failure of the ambitious large-scale project Tropical Island was converted into a nice leisure facility.

UVD_008 D Foto Sascha Kreklau mini.jpgThe overall very difficult economic situation in the last decade of the 20th century led to the departure of some shareholders and Dirk Schroeder taking over the majority of both Anker Schroeder KG and the production company ANKER-SCHROEDER. DE ASDO GmbH.

His 2 children also joined the company.

Another example of a high-tech building built during this period is the landmark of the Leipzig Trade Fair, the fair-tower. Outside vertical round steel bars with a diameMesseturm Leipzig 1997 J Helle.jpgter of 75 mm take over the resulting tensile and transverse forces. They are connected via anchor points and fork heads.

This landmark above the trade fair landscape is not a fantasy building, but a result of the visualization of constructive needs. This is a chimney for a heating plant, which bears the typical MM sign as a secondary use, which may mean “Mega Modern” ;)

The appeal of the uncovered steel structure lies in the visualization of the bending and shear forces, which are dissipated separately from each other. The team of architects included gmp von Gerkan, Marg + Partner, the design was by Prof. Volkwin Marg. The exhibition tower was built by Stahlbau Illingen. CR: Jochen Helle