ASDO History 1950 - 1959

"Shipping with e-mobile already in the fifties"

After the Deutsche Mark reform of 1948, the economy improved and in 1950 construction of the Dortmund exhibition arena "Westfalenhalle" began. Local steel companies Klönne, JUCHO, Dörnen & Union Brückenbau formed a JV to build the huge arena with column free design allowing all 15,380 spectators the best view.

Ernst Schroeder, with his younger brother Jürgen, convinced the JV that their factory in the suburb of Brackel was the best company to supply the 80 anchors required for the roof support. These 20m long tension rods with forged hammerheads were transported across the city on a special trailer pulled by an electric truck. The installation of the anchors was easy thanks to innovative forged ends allowing 90 degree rotation in the foundation and on the roof truss.

This world-famous event hall with an elliptical floor plan is well known for shows, equestrian events, sports championships, fairs and music concerts. Thousands of famous artists, from the Rolling Stones to Pink Floyd to Bob Marley have performed here.

So began a future of Anker Schroeder 'ankers' used for major venues around the world including Deutsche Messe in Hannover, Wembley Stadium in London and the Etihad Stadium Manchester.