Karl-Heinz Bolte - 40 years of reliable and valued effort

This is Karl-Heinz Bolte our recently retired Senior Welder at ASDO. Today Daniel & Dirk Schroeder expressed their gratitude for 40 years of reliable and valued effort by presenting Karl-Heinz with a small gift.

Karl-Heinz joined the ASDO team in 1980 as a young welder and continued to improve his technique and skills gaining certification in different steel grades & thicknesses, becoming one of most experienced welders at ASDO.

Untold thousands of heavy anchoring and tension components have been crafted under his steady hands – such as the 220mm diameter S460NL steel bar fully butt welded to form long hangers with forged trapezoidal ends for the Schnettkerbrücke steel arch bridge in our home town of Dortmund.

As well as being a top welder he was also an active and valuable member of the ASDO-workers‘ council.

Thank you Karl-Heinz from all at ASDO and we wish you a healthy and happy retirement.