Round steel forged parts such as forged flanged shafts, upset forged piston rods, threaded tie rods, threaded ends, T-Head bolts and shackles

For nearly 100 years Anker Schroeder has supplied a wide range of round steel forged parts with or without machining for many industrial machinery OEM’s. Our family-owned company manufactures forged flanged shafts as well as upset forged piston rods for various applications in heavy-duty engineering. Anker Schroeder’s specialty is for very long turned parts, threaded tie rods, threaded ends, T-Head bolts and piston rods with forged eyes all of which can be made economically using the upset forging method to create near net shapes.

Our mechanical workshop, equipped with modern CNC lathes and drilling and milling machines, allows us to manufacture customized individual components with very long lengths and special threads. From the rare Whitworth thread to inch threads, coarse threads, fine threads to the Niemann thread, we can offer the perfect thread form for your application. Even oversized or non-standard dimensions are no problem.

For decades, we have also specialized in the manufacture of oversized shackles and bent parts made of round steel. In addition to DIN shackles, we also offer tilting lugs, special shackles and slinging devices made of hot-bent round steel in bespoke dimensions.

We would be pleased to advise you on all aspects of heavy upset forgings such as foundation anchors, tie rods, piston rods, flanges and shackles, please contact our sales department for more information.

Project References

Dublin Port

ASDO have supplied 160 tonnes of upset forged tie rods, M140/115 and M120/115. ASDO460 which were up to 29m long with full articulation at connections to piles and…

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At a glance Operating instructions, declarations of performance and test certificates to download.

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