Dublin Port

ASDO have supplied 160 tonnes of upset forged tie rods, M140/115 and M120/105 ASDO460 / ASDO355 which were up to 29m long with full articulation at connections to piles and capping beams. The tie rods required stressing to ensure minimal deflection as the tie rods were fixed to cast-in anchors special procedures and components are required. ASDO partner for on-site stressing is the company PHL Hydraulics.

Client Roadbridge Ltd.
Year 2021

upset forged tie rods in ASDO460 & ASDO355, M140/115 and M120/105

Tonnage Supplied 160t
Features Cast-in spherical box. A machined spherical box is cast into the tube transferring forces to the centre of the tube. Forged spherical bars are connected to the box allowing articulation in both the vertical & horizontal directions.
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