Steel Arch Bridge Tie Bar Hangers

We can offer a variety of end connections for your Steel Arch Bridge Tie Bar Hangers ranging from cast forks, forged eyes, threaded ends or round steel tie rods with upset forged threaded ends for horizontal weld connection.

In every case we can advise you how to create the best connection in such a way that the durability will not be restricted for example by the wind-induced vibrations.

Dynamic loads

The ASDO system can also be supplied with cold rolled threads that gives bar threads a much greater resistance to fatigue than the standard cut thread. Fatigue tests have been performed on full scale ASDO systems to over 2m cycles of loading without failing. ASDO do not recommend hot dip galvanising rolled threads due to the increased risk of hydrogen embrittlement and much reduced fatigue resistance. Please contact our technical department for further information regarding ASDO systems for use on structures subject to fatigue.

Structure Project References

Bicycle bridge at Tessenderlo, Belgium

Archiects Zwarts & Jansma’s design for the bicycle bridge at Tessenderlo has created an elegant bridge that is instantly recognisable.

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At a glance Operating instructions, declarations of performance and test certificates to download.

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