Shackles for Long Term Mooring

Since late 1990s ASDO has been forging shackle bows for mooring line anchorage. Offshore industry standard D-type anchor shackles and joining shackles according to ISO 1704 as well as shackles of special design have been produced from approved forged material. We also stock 400t round steel in offshore quality for the shortest delivery requirements and small orders.

ASDO capabilities allow for small increments of sizes and tolerances, best material utilisation and minimal waste for any custom-designed shackle any specific needs you may have, e.g. towing shackles, anchor pile shackles or LTM accessories In offshore mooring grades.

Due to the flexible production process there is no limitations on batch size of customised shackles: ranging from a few to many hundred pieces within the shortest time frame.

Key features

  • Flexible minimal waste forging process 
  • Material from approved European sources
  • Full traceability of the material and forgings throughout the process
  • NDE in-house by Level II operators (UT and MPI)
  • Machining in-house
  • Mechanical testing from full-size sacrificial shackles
  • Full inspection scope for 3.2 Product Certification by required Classification body
  • Class Design Approval obtained for full 3.2 Product Certification
  • Approvals for forging to offshore standards by ABS, Bureau Veritas, LR, DNV
  • Approval of Manufacturer for Offshore mooring chain accessories in progress
    • DNV up to material dia. 260 mm for 168mm R4S
    • DNV up to material dia. 240 mm for 152mm R5
    • ABS up to material dia. 260 mm for 168mm R4S
    • ABS up to material dia. 240 mm for 152mm R5

Marine Project References

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At a glance Operating instructions, declarations of performance and test certificates to download.

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