Anniversary 100 Years of Anker Schroeder (1940-1949)

During WW2 the production of anchor bolts was able to continue at Anker Schroeder thanks to the talented and stoic women of Dortmund. From 1945 onwards, the partly destroyed factory was rebuilt with initial production consisting of urgently needed household items such as candle holders and oil mills.

From 1949 crankshafts for looms were also produced and it was only after this that Maschinenfabrik Julius Schroeder again specialised in heavy anchoring with extra-long round steel anchors for coke ovens becoming the main product.

In 1948 Ernst Schroeder was joined by his younger brother Jürgen, who had now completed his engineering study, and the brothers set about re-building the company that their father had started.

1937 Jürgen Schroeder.jpeg Jürgen Schroeder proved to be an inventive engineer designing several bespoke machines which greatly improved production possibilities and efficiency, allowing the company once again to lead with the motto of "taming tensile forces".

1940 Ernst + Gerda Ausschnitt IMG_5591.jpg The two brothers worked tirelessly to establish a dedicated team of skilled employees enabling Anker Schroeder to meet the challenges of the next decade and playing a small part in the rebuilding of a united Europe.